Nora Heston
I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in Journalism and a minor in communications. While in college I worked with organizations like California Watch and Capital Public Radio as a volunteer journalist. I took classes in print, radio and online journalism while at Sac State.
I've held two internships, one at the Sacramento News and Review and one at SaveRBoobies.com, in their editorial departments. I've also written for multiple publications including the Carmichael Times and acted as a volunteer journalist for events with the Sacramento Community Region Foundation and the Sacramento Bee. I love doing the type of journalism that really affects and informs a community. I definitely wouldn't classify myself as fitting into any "bubbles." I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but I have my own beliefs and opinions on most issues. I was raised Christian and take my beliefs seriously but I don't believe I have to attend a church to be a good Christian. Above all else, I am always willing and open to listen to people's opinions no matter how much they differ from my own. I strongly believe that everyone can learn something from someone else. Lastly, I'm a huge military supporter. My boyfriend is a U.S. Marine currently in the inactive reserves after serving nearly five years on active duty. I am truly grateful for everything the military does for us and our country. Oh, and I'm a 49ers fan. That's important.
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