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My name is Eric Johnson, I am a husband of 24 years and have two beautiful and successful daughters.  My daughters call me a "Corporate Hippie", that is to say that I believe that change must come from within, and my cause has been renewables for the last 26 years. 
From 1986 through 2002 I worked for large building materials distribution corporations, and did my best to steer them towards products with a smaller carbon footprint. Some of the products that I helped develop markets for include Formaldehyde Free MDF, Wood I-joists, and Composite Decking. I worked with a variety of companies from small contractors to Home Depot and Lowes to educate them on these new products and convince them that, not only was selling these products the right thing to do for the environment, but that they could make money from it too!  (That is, after all, why we are in business, isn't it?)  Since 2002 I have been consulting with other companies on "Green" Best Practices both in the United States and abroad.  My focus has been in the transportation sector, largely because of my belief that this area has the potential to show the most improvement.  I spent six years working with a company on a biofuels project that encompassed Bio-Diesel, Ethanol and Bio-Methanol.  While that company ultimately fell victim to the economic crisis in 2009, it was still a very valuable experience that helped many people throughout the U.S. and several Pacific Rim Countries. In 2008, I opened Green Wheelin', an electric vehicle retail store in Walnut Creek.  I had long recognized that electric vehicles had many performance efficiencies over ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) and with the gas prices soaring to over $5 a gallon, I felt that people may be more receptive to the possibility of an electric vehicle for everyday transportation.  My family and most of my friends thought I had lost ALL of my marbles.  Who opens a retail store in the middle of the worst economic recession in 80 years?  I think that answer is now clear, four years later not only are we still in business, but we are stronger than ever and the reception to our products has been tremendous! I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, or that they at least provide some food for thought.
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