Fireworks Complaints in Newark Drop By Nearly Half

Firefighters responded to two outside fires, but it's not known if fireworks caused the brief blazes.

Newark police received fewer complaints of fireworks this year than last.

A total of 56 calls of complaints were called into the police department, which is down from , said Sgt. Ray Hoppe of the

No injuries were reported, he added.

The holiday, however, did not go without fires. Two outside fires were extinguished last night, according to Aisha Knowles, Alameda County Fire Department spokesperson.

One fire occurred on the 39900 block of Parada Street around 10:40 p.m., while the other occurred nearly an hour later on the 6100 block of Tourraine Drive. Knowles said both fires were extinguished quickly by single fire engines and that it is unknown whether fireworks were the cause of the fires.

While the total of fireworks complaints are down, Hoppe said police officers likely encountered illegal firework usage while patrolling that could have been reported as complaints.

The total number of citations Newark police issued for the use or possession of illegal fireworks is unknown as of yet, but Hoppe said people who are found with illegal fireworks are often cited.

If individuals have fireworks similar to those used for firework shows, they could be arrested, but no arrests were made this Independence Day, Hoppe said.

The fires were extinguished quickly, each by a single fire engine and the cause of the fires is unknown as to whether they were caused by fireworks.

Newark is one of three Alameda County towns that allow the use of Safe and Sane fireworks that are sold before the holiday.

The use of fireworks was only permitted until midnight, and Hoppe said anyone who wishes to dispose of any fireworks can still contact the Alameda County Fire Department at 510-618-3490 to turn them in.

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Editor's note: This report was updated at 12:28 p.m. July 5 to include statistics of fires that occured on July 4.

Albert Rubio July 17, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Barney, >The problem is that who wants to have to take a neighbor to court? Why do you have to suffer? Freedom requires some tolerance. Also, one ought not not make public policy based on personal preference. Think of it in another way, prohibiting your neighbor by law from being able to light fireworks, is not a proper use of law. Taking him to court if he damages your property by negligence is proper. Each decides whether it is worth it or not, but it should never be petty. See Judge Judy for example. I think basic law should be closer to our experience and education and I regard it as a particular failure of American education and culture. If we cannot respect the proper uses of law then we will revert to the intolerable conditions of the old world. >Your supposed to only be allowed to use Fireworks on your own property. or anyone who gives permission.
Barney Google July 17, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Albert This isn't The "Andy Griffit Show" or "Judge Judy" Nowadays some people will "JACK YOU UP" for just about anything and you really have to be careful. What seems to be a neighbor who might have been a little careless could turn out your worst nightmare. I do believe in a legal recourse and not street justice. >Think of it in another way, prohibiting your neighbor by law from being able to light fireworks, is not a proper use of law. It's depends on what you think should be against the law. Look at this stupid Fra Gois law. I don't eat it and think the law is ridiculous, but it bothers some folks as bad as fireworks bother me.
Albert Rubio July 18, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Barney, I think you may have a very different conception of society and what it should be. To discuss how things should be in society is a philosophically dependent discussion. The best understanding of all knowledge is required and Economics is the most important study to apply. I believe liberty is the highest value. So I am principally interested in stating how things could and should be to make possible the greatest peace and prosperity and freedom in society. These are the highest goals in my opinion. If you have a different outlook then I understand how you might not appreciate what I am talking about. That being said, I have no illusions about the hard reality of this world. I understand why people choose to do what they believe is best. I am simply trying to explain what I believe is a better philosophy that benefits everyone more than what people think is best for them now.
Barney Google July 18, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Albert I also believe in freedom and much that you have stated, but many people don't know the limits to when their rights begin to step on others rights. If people knew their boundaries there would really be no need for laws, Unfortunately some people are not responsible for their actions (hence laws).
Albert Rubio July 19, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Glad to hear you believe in freedom! I argue There is no conflicts of rights. All rights are equal and non contradictory. Otherwise it indicates a flawed theory of rights. most people however have a loose and contradictory idea of rights which cannot be harmonized. There is always a need for law in human society so long as there are conflicts to resolve. The purpose of law is to resolve conflicts and maintain peace. Yet people think they can be used to reform society. They don't realize they are destroying society. people cannot be expected to be perfect or always do the right thing. the irony is that people keep thinking we need more laws to bring about right acting people. They are chasing after Utopias instead of accepting reality. They take for granted how the philosophy of freedom has made the modern world.


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