Race to Save Student Activities Earns $10,000

The third annual 5K/10K Race to Save Student Activities had more than 250 participants and raised just under $10,000 for sports and music in the New Haven Unified School District.

Last week's 5k/10k Race to Save Student Activities was another success for the , raising just under $10,000 to benefit endangered sports and music programs.

A total of 261 participants turned out for the run, which began at the track and continued along the Alameda Creek Regional Trail.

Sponsors of the event, which was hosted by the New Haven Boosters Association included Tri-CED Community Recycling, Washington Hospital, Fremont Bank, Masonic Homes of California, the Lions Club of Union City, Texas Roadhouse restaurant, OfficeMax, and many others. 

Local business lead the runners and walkers in a stretch before the race, and Union City Mayor Mark Green gave a short opening speech, followed by Superintendent Kari McVeigh setting off the starter pistol to signal the start of the race. 

Principal Amy McNamara volunteered at the event, as well as ran the 10k race.  Several other district administration staff members and teachers attended as well. 

“The New Haven Boosters Association would like to thank our community for coming out in support of New Haven’s student activities for the third year in a row," said event chair Eileen Reiner. "The message we get from [all of] you is that our students are important, and they deserve to have these programs available to them. 

"With your help, we will continue to do everything we can to help keep our music, art, forensics, and athletic programs intact. See you at next year’s race!”

Race Results:



1.   Travis

2.   Nihal   

3.   Kayden

4.   Kira     

5.   Kendra 


1st Grade:

1.   Gabriel 

2.   Travis

3.   Dennis

4.   Andrew

5.   Diego

6.   Logan

7.   Selena

8.   Romeo


2nd Grade:

1.   Brenton

2.   Maya

3.   Marissa


4th Grade:

1.   Rithika

2.   Megan



5th & 6th Grade


1.   Sarah



1.   Niles (5th)

2.   Tony (4th)

3.   Binyan (4th)

4.   Derek (6th)

5.   Alex (6th)




1.   Priyanka     6:55

2.   Xinne Li       8:23

3.   Tyrine

4.   Emily

5.   Eva (3-laps)

6.   Sophie (2-laps)



1.   Chrystian    7:10

2.   Ryan          

3.   Brandon


Relay Race Winning Team:

“The Senior Citizens”

Abraham Espinoza

Atif Malik

Michael Yee

Leemuel Lopez

Johnny C. May 14, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Fantastic results ! Great to see our community involved in such important efforts for the children of New Haven School Dist. I hope these monies will help save some of the Music/ Sports programs out there.


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