NMHS Gas Leak Suspected To Be Near Pool

A gas leak was confirmed on Tuesday afternoon, but the damaged pipeline has yet to be found.

Bonetti Construction crews will be at the for the third consecutive day starting at 8 a.m. Friday to focus on an area believed to be where a gas pipeline is damaged.

Inspection of the school’s pipelines has been under way since a gas leak was suspected on Tuesday.

Pressure tests of the gas pipelines were conducted Thursday and it was determined that the damage is likely near the area where the high school’s weight room and pool are located, Superintendent of Schools Dave Marken said.

What exactly is damaged and the age and size of the pipeline is unknown, but Marken said the construction workers think it might be an an elbow joint pipee. Marken said he does not anticipate that the repairs to the damaged pipe will be fixed by the end of Friday.

Damages to a pipeline were reported Tuesday afternoon after someone caught wind of a “faint smell of gas,” Marken said. Newark Memorial High School parents have told Newark Patch they smelled gas as early as Sunday during a showing of ""

Marken said PG&E officials were called to the high school on Tuesday and that gas services going into the school were immediately shut down once PG&E confirmed that a gas leak was present.

Electricity has not been impacted but the classes have resumed without heat in the classrooms, Marken said.

PG&E spokeswoman Monica Tell has said the damaged pipeline is not a major pipeline and that because it is on ’s property, the district is charged with getting it repaired.

Tell added that an area where a suspected fault is is safe so long as gas services are shut off.

"There is no gas service currently to the school, so there is no immediate danger as a result of that. And now it’s really just about (making repairs) to have gas services restored," Tell said.

Mona Taplin November 19, 2011 at 04:45 PM
A very bright boy from my school days was a genius in our minds. He just sailed thru every class with flying colors.Very smart. He was a nice kid too, not a bully. After he finished college he never succeeded in any job he attempted. His written records could get him jobs, but he couldn't keep them.He had the ability to learn facts, but couldn't put his knowledge into productive activity. He could get jobs easily, but couldn't keep them. That isn't that all fired uncommon. He finally settled down in more mediocre jobs where he didn't need a degree. Then a direct opposite situation was Albert Einstien's teachers thought he was mentally retarded. Now how did we get on this subject when this forum is about the gas being turned off at the high school??
James November 19, 2011 at 05:32 PM
My point about Jobs is that when your in School Educators drill this propaganda into your head about how you need an Education in order to succeed in life. Yet Thousands if not Millions get by every single day without a piece of paper declaring them Competent. As for the Subject, you asked a question I responded! Those who know me in person know better then to engage me in off Topic Subject Matter as I have this Affect. :P
Mona Taplin November 19, 2011 at 05:49 PM
I already knew it was me who got us off on the wrong subject, and what I helped you prove is that diploma isn't always the criteria for success in the business world. I still feel education is very important, but we still need to look at everyone's real ability. Not just what it says about him/her on paper.
James November 19, 2011 at 06:39 PM
Agreed. If someone wants to seek out an Education, I have no problem with it and I wish them good luck with it. I had Aspirations of my own, but when my School Career got Derailed I came to realize that it was no longer Important for me to Pursue it as there was no turning back time. I should have Graduated with the rest of my Class, but once it was too late it no longer mattered.to me. I used to Love School even when I got called a Retard. I immersed myself in Campus Libraries for hours on end Reading and Learning. My Two strongest Subject's were Math and Science. Math was not a Choice, I obsessed over Numbers in my head 24/7. As someone with OCD, I am a Counter and I've always had this Knack for completing seriously complex Math Problems without needing to put it onto Paper or use a Calculator. I was always into Science, but it became solidified when I was a Student of Stacie Hoffman. She was the only Teacher I ever had who could reel me in and understand me. Her class always brought a Smile to my face even when I didn't feel like Smiling. So yeah, I think Education is extremely Important but I'm not sure if a Piece of paper is for everyone and I urge those pondering the same thing to really self reflect and decide if it's something they Need vs something they Want.
Mona Taplin November 19, 2011 at 07:20 PM
Direct opposite from me. Science was my downfall. Math I lagged behind in, but my first full time job after I quit was in a dress shop where I sold stuff of course, but I also did the daily bookeeping. That learning experience was far better than any teacher could pound into my head. Yes I believe that K12 education is extremely important for most,but not all, assuming we have top quality educators. I've met a lot of those, but I've also met some of the teachers in the wrong profession too right here in Newark during the years I worked for the school district. I think beyond K12 is a matter of what is best for the individual,-not everyone fitting into the same boat. Yep, I've also met a few educated fools along the way who could not think beyond what someone told them was fact. I'll also admit I'm one of those people who believe very strongly in outer space and deep sea exploration, even if my mind doesn't comprehend all that's involved.


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