Logan High Street Eats Food Truck Lineup: Sept. 18

Seven trucks will line up at James Logan High School from 4:30 to 9 p.m.

Logan High Street Eats returns today to the James Logan High School parking lot with seven trucks to serve up tasty treats.

Hosted by the Food Truck Mafia, the event is a fundraiser for the New Haven Teachers Association and runs from 4:30 to 9 p.m. (The Food Truck Mafia also hosts Union City Street Eats Thursday nights at Union Landing.)

Here's what's on the menu for tonight:

Bigg Shrimp'n

  • This truck knows everything there is to know about the shrimp'n business. Their menu includes spicy shrimp tacos, Vietnamese-style shrimp sandwiches, fried shrimp and more.
  • Follow them @BiggShrimpn

Grillaz Gone Wild

  • Want some warm bread full of delicious meats and cheese? Enter Grillaz. New this year, this Fremont-based food truck specializes in hoagies and gourmet sandwiches, including Philly cheesesteaks.
  • Follow them @grillazgonewild

Pizza Pimps

  • Pizza Pimps specializes in delicious cheesy pies from pizza slices decked in Polynesian sauces topped with Canadian bacon, macadamia nuts and shredded coconut to pizzas like "PIMP A RONI" that are topped with double pepperoni, cheese, garlic, basil, feta cheese and more. Also, word on Twitter is if you show them that you follow them on Twitter tonight, you might get a free slice.
  • Follow them @pizzapimps

Rice Rockit

  • From the Hawaiian-inspired Teri-Beef Meatball Loco Moco and the Filipino-like beer boiled Longanisa (sausage) sliders to Lynchee-Walnut Shrimp skewers and various types of fries, this truck is sure to satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Follow them @ricerockit

Truckin' Sweet

  • This gourmet ice cream and dessert serves up homemade, all natural "sinfully sweet concoctions." Try their Voodoo Crunch (Oreo cookies with malt balls and espresso chips) or the Top Secret, which is, well, top secret. They also offer mochas, lattes, shakes and floats.
  • Follow them @TruckinSweet

Twister Truck

  • A "Mexican grill with a twist," this truck serves up some of your favorite Mexican dishes in traditional styles or in tortilla "cones." Items include Sunrise Burritos and Tacos (served with a fried egg), San Diego Burritos (rolled with french fries), chipotle shrimp tacos, quesadillas, tortas and more.
  • Follow them @twistertruck


  • This truck specializes in silogs, a traditional Filipino breakfast served with garlic rice and fried egg. Their menu includes tapsilog (cured beef), tosilog (cured pork), longsilog (sweet sausage), Spamsilog (Spam) and bangsilog (Filipino milkfish).
  • Follow them @yumsilog

Location: James Logan High School, 1800 H Street, Union City (event will be held in parking lot on corner of Alvarado-Niles Road and Hartnell Street).


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