Wieckowski's Bill Benefiting Local Florists Passes

The bill requires florists who use local phone numbers and names to include addresses in advertisements.

The following is a press release issued by Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski's office:

Sacramento – Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski’s (D-Fremont) bill to combat consumer deception in the floral industry passed the state Assembly today with strong bipartisan support on a 60-11 vote.

The bill, AB 1581, requires floral retailers who use local phone numbers or local names to include their address and notice of their place of business in their advertisements.  

Larger floral retailers often misrepresent their geographical location in their advertising to appeal to consumers who want to buy locally.

“If they have a choice, many people want to support their local small businesses by purchasing from their hometown stores,” Wieckowski said. “This bill makes sure that consumers will have access to the real geographic locations of floral shops and they won’t be fooled by a local phone number or local name.  It would be included in the advertising.”

 The bill is supported by the Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas, San Leandro and Simi Valley chambers of commerce. It is also backed by the California State Floral Association, the Society of American Florists, the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, and the California Small Business Association, among several other small business organizations and floral associations.

Twenty-eight other states have approved similar laws.

Studies from the Buy California marketing program show California consumers prefer to purchase from local retailers. 

Unfortunately, consumers wanting to buy locally are misled when orders are routed to non-local business locations because fees and commissions are usually taken out of the order price.  The larger retailer than reroutes the floral order to a truly local florist for processing.  These fees can be avoided when the consumer places a floral order directly with a local florist.   

Wieckowski’s bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration.

Assemblymember Wieckowski represents the 20th Assembly District, which includes parts of Castro Valley, Hayward, Pleasanton and San Jose, and all of Union City, Newark, Fremont and Milpitas. 

The bill was introduced by Wieckowski after he chose it from his “There Ought to be a Law” contest.  Each year, he encourages constituents to submit bill ideas.  AB 1581 was suggested by Fremont florist Dirk Lorenz, the owner of Fremont Flowers.

Tim May 08, 2012 at 09:45 PM
"Brash Brazen", "Summer Hemphill" and the cultivated "Bong Sativa" are aliases for one lame loser who comments almost exclusively advocating for legal recreational marijuana as well as the occasional delusional comment from an extreme far left to Marxist viewpoint. Don't believe it? Check for yourself.... not only are the comments similar but the writing style is there, and all "three" of these "people" comment on just about every Bay Area Patch site. Maybe it's time for the Patch to verify who is commenting on here with Facebook or Twitter sign in like actual legitimate news organizations do.
Brash Brazen May 09, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Is Tim actually a mentally unstable 42 year old woman & could Ron be his intellectually challenged & anti-social mother,or are they just figments of Dick Cheney's totalitarianistic imagination ?!? Quit trying to change the subject of the conversation from the issues at hand,if the information is factual in nature who the messenger is is of little consequence ! Try to stay focused on your right-wing agenda & your 1950's idea of family values. Shouldn't you two be at a barn raising or a book burning event somewhere ? The dry cleaner called & he said your sheets are pressed & ready to pick up & to bring cash this time because your last check was returned ! Remember to have your flowers shipped from out of state,by dialing an 800 number you can cheat the state out of the sales tax revenue ! Looking forward to not seeing you at Logan High School tonight,because the food is too good for the two of you ! Thanks,Bob ! Support the New Haven Teachers Association & VOTE YES on MEASURE H !!!
Brash Brazen May 09, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Due to the millions of dollars spent annually on nationwide advertising many people will dial 1-800-Flowers or call FTD or another out of state middleman when they need flowers. Still this isn't enough for some unscrupulous florists who hide behind yellow pages ads purporting to be locally owned & making a handsome profit before passing the actual sale & delivery off to a local florist. This practice has been misleading & adds another layer of expense for consumers. While this had never occurred to me before it was apparently a "thorn" in the side of local florists ! California florists are probably erecting a statue of Bob Wieckowski & Dick Lorenz as I type,great work guys !!!
Tim May 09, 2012 at 01:56 AM
It matters if people think that there are multiple fools out there with your Marxist views. But, the reality is that "Brash Brazen", "Summer Hemphill", and "Bong Sativa" are one individual. You are a loser with nothing better to do than create multiple user accounts for a web site that is read by dozens, not thousands, and prance from one city's Patch site to another spewing the same far left wing talking points over and over again. We get it... you hate free speech. you hate private property rights. You have individual liberty. You believe we should all be working for the government and pay a 100% income tax and rely on the government to decide what we "need" to live. We all need to slave for the collective good. To each according to his needs, from each according to his abailities. How's that? Am I in the ball park? But, thank you for admitting the truth. I am thankful that the vast majority of the posts on here are against Measure H. Even the ones that support it do so with a little tact. All, except you. I hope you are just an igorant kid that will grow up, but you sound like a 40 year old living in his mom's basement making these posts a full time job. Does Moveon.org and George Soros pay you 50 cents a post? Or is it MSNBC paying you? Anyway, I'll take a little comfort in knowing that the NO votes of myself and my family on Measure H won't be affected by you and yours as you don't live here!
Tim May 09, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Do you people actually think that national companies like 1-800 flowers, ProFlowers, and FTD are growing flowers out of state and going through the trouble and cost to import them? These companies already use local growers. Sure, these local growers aren't getting the same money from these national companies and I'd rather buy directly from the local growers if I can, but it's a little naive to think that these big companies are all growing their own flowers out of state. And to the genius Brash... I used ProFlowers... I'm not screwing the state out of sales tax... they COLLECTED sales tax from me which is paid to Sacramento. As I understand it, internet businesses that have physical, brick and mortar establishments or affiliates in CA must collect sales tax. Amazon got around this by severing all ties with in state affiliates. How good of our state politicians. Not only is the state not getting the sales tax from Amazon sales but they put out of business many in state small businesses.


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