Union City Improves Its Pavement Score

The City of Union City's Pavement Condition Index is now at 80, thanks to its summer street rehabilitation projects, the city said.

From the City of Union City:

With the support of the City Council, the City continues its efforts to maintain and improve upon the City’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for the 135 miles of roadways within our jurisdiction. The PCI is a rating which ranges from zero for a non-existent or dirt road to 100 for a newly constructed paved road. After the completion of our 2012 summer street rehabilitation projects, our PCI rating improved from 78 to 80.

The City strives to reduce the overall long-term cost of street maintenance by implementing a variety of pavement preservation strategies in a timely manner. Cost-effective approaches are slurry sealing and overlaying. Slurry seal consists of applying a mixture of crushed rock, oil and water to pavement 5-7 years after paving it, thereby sealing the pavement surface and blocking the seepage of water into the pavement subgrade.

If a street requires more extensive repairs, the City will remove a thin layer of the asphalt concrete by grinding and then apply approximately 2 inches of new asphalt over the roadway.  Slurry sealing and overlaying extend the pavement life at a fraction of the cost of reconstructing the roadway and has long been used by the City.


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