School District Considers Adult School Closure

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department has offered to run the classes.

The Albany Unified School District Board of Education is scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss closing the Albany Adult School due to financial restraints.

The Albany Adult School has been running in the red since recent state funding cuts to adult education. Despite the district’s attempts to cut school costs and raise student fees in order to keep the program, the school operated with a $5,432 deficit for the fall quarter, according to district staff reports. The entire year’s deficit is expected to be about $11,000.

"At this point, the district has exhausted all efforts to sustain the program," reads a staff report prepared for the board by Adult School Director Amanda Garcia.

The city of Albany has agreed to offer adult school classes through its Parks and Recreation Department, and with a viable financial strategy, Assistant City Manager Penelope Leach wrote in a letter to the district.

Albany would potentially make a profit by taking over the program. The city would pay instructors 60 percent of the gross class revenue and receive the other 40 percent, which would cover facility costs, staff and advertising in the city’s activity guide, Leach wrote. The transition would begin in April.

The Albany Adult School offers classes in areas including computer science, finance and art. According to city staff reports, nearly 75 percent of the school's students are non-Albany residents.

Ross Stapleton-Gray December 11, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I'm surprised that Patch hasn't yet posted on AUSD considerations for Ocean View and Marin, in light of the seismic evaluations. Apparently one of the possibilities is to have Marin torn down and replaced, which would certainly also raise budget issues a-plenty. (This was mentioned on a posting to the Marin school e-tree.)
Donald N. Mangravite December 11, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Unfortunately, since Barry passed away, the Adult School has been dying a slow death. the library no longer carries (or at least i can never find it) a list of offerings so i am surprised that non-Albany residents can find a class list! i can understnad the budget problems but perhaps if the variety of classes &, considering the number of retired teachers living in the area, the scope of the offerings could be inceased, it might be able to turn a profit.
Laila Kearney December 12, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Ross, I'm looking into the Marin/Ocean View seismic safety issue and will hopefully have a story up about it shortly.
Allan Maris December 12, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Laila, We miss Emilie. She was so involved in Albany. Will you be resuming her meet the public meetings on Monday afternoons at the coffee shop in Kains and Solano? It would be wonderful to meet you and discuss local issues. Thanks for serving the Albany community.


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