Reagan Statue In The Capitol? What Do You Think?

Gov. Jerry Brown approved the new statue in one of many bills he signed this week.

A statue of former governor and President Ronald Reagan was approved with Gov. Jerry Brown's signature on Friday, as Brown noted he would like to raise taxes like Reagan did.

"Even in those days he demonstrated courage and unique leadership ability - even to the point of raising California taxes when he saw they were needed," said Brown, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee.

The statue will be paid for with private funds. Even so, do you think a statue of The Gipper is appropriate? Let us know in the comments! 

Other bills signed this week included: 

  • A new, state-run retirement savings plan for the private sector, according to the Washington Post.  
  • No more open carrying of rifles and shotguns in California cities, according to the LA Times.
  • Legislators might have a tougher time raising fees at University of California schools. A bill signed this week said university officials must consult students and justify their need for fee hikes before putting them into place, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Foster parents and caregivers now are required to take training in "cultural competency and sensitivity" regarding gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual kids, according to the Chronicle.
  • High speed rail officials must disclose any financial stakes they have in the plan, according to the Los Angeles Times.
  • Students will have free access to online textbooks, according to the Sacramento Bee's  Capitol Alert
  • Employers and universities can no longer ask workers, potential employees or students for their e-mail or social media logins or passwords, according to the San Jose Mercury News.
  • Brown signed 19 bills easing the way for more solar power and other renewable energy in California, according to the LA Times PolitiCal
  • California has a new marine reptile: the leatherback sea turtle. Read more in LA Times PolitiCal
  • No more using dogs to hunt bobcats and bears: read more in the Sacramento Bee.
  • Graduation rates and the number of students headed to college now will be figured into school rankings. Read more in the SacBee Capitol Alert.
  • Are you a victim of corporate fraud? Restitution now should come faster than before, according to the SacBee Capitol Alert.
  • State parks won't close for another two years, if at all, after the scandal this year involving a discovery of tens of millions of unknown dollars in the state parks fund. Read more in LA Times PolitiCal.
  • Driverless cars are now OK, at least if you have one like the Google guys. Read more on Santa Cruz Patch and in the Contra Costa Times.    
  • Partying with a friend who goes into a coma? You won't be punished after calling 911 if emergency responders find a small amount of drugs. Read more in HealthyCal.org.
  • Party bus operators are now responsible for underage drinking on board: in the San Jose Mercury News.
  • Domestic violence victims will receive more protections under a new law covered in the LA Times PolitiCal
  • The state's campaign disclosure website is about to get a facelift, thanks to lobbyist and political candidates. Read more in LA Times PolitiCal.
  • Nurse practicioners and others can perform non-surgical abortions. Read more in SacBee Capitol Alert.
  • Eighteen bills will help veterans and those in the military receive more benefits, including help with education and finance. Read more in LA Times PolitiCal.
  • Workers comp is getting an overhaul. Read more in the Associated Press story.
Fred Eiger October 03, 2012 at 12:32 PM
Mellor finally said something correct; that he is a "tool and not to be taken seriously".
Albert Rubio October 04, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Dalamar, I think what I said about drugs in the US applies to Mexico. Drugs are criminalized in Mexico as in the US. Recently there has been talk in Mexico about legalizing drugs but the US puts pressure against this. Biden, in Mexico, Says U.S. Won't Legalize Drugs http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203458604577264103153246424.html If I am missing your question could you pose it again?
Albert Rubio October 08, 2012 at 06:01 AM
Richard Mellor, Capitalism is not pro-business. Here is another explanation as to why one must not conflate a Capitalist with Business People. It has always been a Marxist practice to confuse the two. Is Capitalism "Pro-Business?" http://youtu.be/hjh7mXPfMKs "In this video, Professor Steve Horwitz advocates for free market economic policy. He refutes the often recited claim that "What is good for General Motors is good for America" by explaining that pro-business legislation encourages behavior that is not beneficial to society or the business itself. He suggests that, in a free market, factors such as profit and competition encourage behavior that ultimately benefits society. Professor Horwitz illustrates that pro-business legislation restricts progress and therefore caters to the interests of industry rather than to consumers, whereas "supporters of free markets are ultimately pro-human and pro-people because it is through markets that we get the most innovation and we get the most goods and the cheapest prices."
Fred Eiger October 08, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Excellent point Albert, but it will be lost on Mellor considering that everything for this Marxist is the standard Leninist line; "workers are being exploited" or "Profits are unpaid wages", "capitalism is unsustainable" blah blah blah.
Edward April 19, 2013 at 03:33 AM
We Voted and paid for the wider freeways because they were suposed to stay FREE. Now they have the money and the road is built, they make the 4th lane a special "Toll Lane" even though it was built with public money with a promise that everyone could use it without tolls. Lies, lies, lies. just like we were suposed to get our Social Security "TAX FREE", because we paid taxes on the contributions, we get a new Congress and we now get Taxed on the Benefits. Fortunatly the State has not followed the Federal Government in Taxing those benefits but the time will come when they will need money and that will be a "Back Door" way of doing it, so they will not have to raise taxes on their rich buddies.


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