Nadia Lockyer's Candid Resignation Letter

Lockyer announced her resignation Friday afternoon.

From Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer

Dear Constituents, Colleagues, and Friends:

Without a doubt, being a mother is the most important role and duty of my lifetime.  I can surely be a great mom and effectively represent the 325,000 plus constituents of District 2, yet not while also trudging the waters of early recovery from addiction and the aftermath of interpersonal violence. In AA and NA, days of sobriety are counted.  In motherhood, the number of days with a healthy level of stress and tears should be too.

While I can boast 77 days of sobriety to this day, I can barely count to ten in the latter category. For this, I owe my family, constituents, staff, and colleagues a huge apology. Reality is, I set my personal goals in recovery too high, and too quickly.  I got myself in a place called addiction all by myself.  A decade of non-stop trauma, pain, and loss are my personal excuse.  But this time, this recent trauma is just too much and something I can't ignore...and so...

Today, for my child, and in the spirit of Mothers' Day and National Victims Rights' Week, I hereby announce my resignation from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, in order that I may focus on the well-being of my child, recovery from chemical dependency and interpersonal violence, and transitioning to work in the private sector.

I send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to my phenomenal, one of kind staff.  Their intellect, skill, and commitment are unmatched. They've carried a unique heavy load these past few months. Whoever is my replacement will be beyond lucky to keep them.

I am very proud of the work that I accomplished during the short year serving as Supervisor.  Multiple town halls and weekly coffee hours began to break down the disconnect often felt or perceived exists with County government; co-leading the County's creation of a more efficient, targeted, and dignified general assistance and advocacy program; ensuring that implementation of public protection realignment runs smoothly and initiating efforts to ensure Alameda County receives equitable funding. My office also proudly organized many events last year, including the Call to Action & Collaboration to Prevent Youth Violence, Children’s' Memorial, and Annual Hayward Volunteer Dinner.

It was truly an honor to serve each and every day with my gifted and esteemed colleagues on the Board.  I will greatly miss working with each and every one of you yet believe our commitment to improve the lives of others will bring our paths together in another manner soon.

I further extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to this County's top-notch CAO, and all of the stellar Department Heads, Management, and each and every employee for truly making Alameda County the best County in the State of California.

It has truly been an honor serving as Supervisor for the constituents of District 2, and for this, I am eternally grateful.

With respect,
Nadia Davis-Lockyer

Ron April 21, 2012 at 07:48 AM
Let's wish Nadia well as she tries to bring her life back together after several serious detours. Her boy needs her more than we do. Her letter was well constructed, but we didn't hear about the other side of Nadia's "coin" of experiences before and after she was elected. The details are out there, actions have consequences. It would appear that some of those who opposed her during the election were correct, she had no experience to do the job, let alone run for the supervisor's position. Mayor Mark Green certainly far surpassed anything Nadia could have brought to the table, yet he didn't have the money she did (thanks Bill!). A good combination of Bill's reputation and his money appeared to do the trick forin getting her elected. And we must also include the gullible voting public who believe whatever the lib Dem's throw out there for "good cause" to get their big spenders elected! From earlier reports, it seems she had problems during the campaign. Her running for office with all these problems made rational people stare in disbelief! So, since her whole effort was premeditated against success, would it be reasonable for her to also take responsibility for her actions (or lack thereof) by paying Alameda County for her lack of performance? It seems that ALCO is having crisis after crisis where POOR judgment in management responsibilities is the "normal" and good judgment doesn't exist! New blood (non-Dem) in Nov '12, please!
Reıd April 22, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Good riddance! Spectacular reporting! The county moves on, a mother heals, we drink our coffee and get on with all these daily happenings. Should have married a judge.
timothy April 23, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Good riddance, and voters, shame on those of you who voted her into office simply because you recognize the name!! And perhaps Hayashi will also leave soon. Well....we can dream. These politicians are pathetic. And voters, if you don't know anything about the candidates, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE


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