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First Winter Spare The Air Alert Called For Monday

Bay Area air quality officials asking residents not to burn wood for 24 hours

By David Mills/Patch

Air quality officials have issued their first winter Spare The Air alert for the Bay Area this season.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District officials said they have issued the alert for Monday because cold, still weather has allowed pollution levels to rise in the region.

The alert means it's illegal to burn wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel either indoors or outdoors for 24 hours.

First-time violators will have the option of taking a wood smoke awareness class or paying a $100 fine. Second violations result in a $500 fine and the citation amount rises subsequently after that.

 “In the wintertime, wood smoke is a hazard to public health in the Bay Area,” said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the air district. “It’s the ‘other second-hand smoke’ with many of the same hazards as cigarette smoke, and it’s especially harmful to children, the elderly, and people with respiratory conditions.”
Edward November 27, 2013 at 01:57 AM
North Bay SMOKES while south bay SPARES. South and central Bay Air quality can be great, but, when the North Bay has a problem, every county around the bay must go on "Spare the Air" making Natural Gas usage spike and PG$E rich. Calling Wood Smoke the "other second hand Smoke" Might be a catchy fraise, But, Auto Exhaust from fossil fuels, or Coal Fires in power plants are worse. Methane from the BEEF industry creates more "Green house" causing methane which is 21 times worse than CO2 from Wood Stoves. Make PG&E give out FREE Natural Gas for homes on Spare the Air Days like Free BART rides in the summer. In Fact, Make natural gas cheaper than wood and there would not be any wood burning stoves in the district.


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