City Approved To Be Successor To Newark Redevelopment Agency

The city council voted unanimously for the city to take over the Newark Redevelopment Agency.

With four ayes, the four-member city council approved a motion for the City of Newark to become the replacement agency for the Newark Redevelopment Agency at its Jan. 12 council meeting.

The vote was made as a result of a California Supreme Court ruling, made on Dec. 29, that ordered for the dissolution of redevelopment agencies throughout the state.

City staff recommended for the city to be the successor.

Current redevelopment projects areas include industrial areas near Mowry and Central avenues and about a quarter of the land designated for the Dumbarton Transit-Oriented Development project.

Elimination of the agencies would not impact the project, a 205-acre project development that would establish up to 2,500 homes.

Grindall has told Newark Patch that none of Newark's planned projects are immediately reliant on redevelopment, but that the dissolution of redevelopment could delay or remove some of the amenities.

City Manager John Becker has also said that the elimination of redevelopment has hindered long-term plans to redevelop Old Town.

Cities across California are contesting the law passed calling for the shut down of redevelopment agencies or pay the state millions of dollars to continue redevelopment.

to read more about the Dec. 29 ruling and how it impacts redevelopment.

Also at the Jan. 12 meeting:

  • Council voted to adopt an urgency ordinance that would repeal a former ordinance that will repeal a sales and use tax ordinance for the Newark Redevelopment Agency
  • Council recognized retiring police K-9 Henk, a 7-year veteran of the Newark Police Department for his service to the community (Newark Patch will post a separate story on Henk in the near future.)
Patricia January 16, 2012 at 08:54 PM
I referred to the link within this article on "How the Dec. 29 ruling impacts redevelopment" and would like a simple English answer to: How does this affect the citizens of Newark? And, what affect does this have on the Old Town project? If I've come across nit-wittish I am sorry but these stories just seem to keep us reading in circles. Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?
Geoff Burton January 17, 2012 at 06:37 AM
I think redevelopment in Old Town will be off the board ie come to a grinding halt.
Margaret Lewis January 17, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Current redevelopment project areas included more than what is described in this article. There were two plan areas; 2002 and 2010. Most of Area 2 was in the 2002 plan area and the rest was included in the 2010 plan area. The 2010 plan area included city hall, the library, school district property and assorted properties around town. The Dumbo TOD is DOA. No train and no promise of bus service. The City of Newark and the San Mateo Transit folks will continue to pretend it is alive and well but reality tells a different story.


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