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Chronicle Editorial Endorses Mark Green for Assembly

The newspaper refers to the Union City mayor as a "feisty independent" that "the rest of California should envy."

While the race for the 20th California State Assembly District seat isn't as entertaining as , at least one major Bay Area news outlet is paying attention to our Assembly race, singling out Union City Mayor Mark Green as the candidate to watch.

In a Sunday editorial, the San Francisco Chronicle praised Green for being an experienced politician. Green, who's served as Union City's mayor since 1993, has also served as a president of the Association of Bay Area Governments and was a county transportation commissioner, making him knowledgeable on regional issues.

The Chronicle wrote:

His track record and unaligned politics make him instantly prepared for the challenges in Sacramento such as balancing an out-of-whack state budget, shaving down pension costs and spanning a partisan political chasm.

The newspaper also noted Green's party affiliation and dubbed him a "feisty independent," though Green was a longtime Democrat before changing parties in 2010.

Green is the sole independent in the race. Running against him are three democrats -- Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk, Hayward resident and Alameda optometrist Jennifer Ong, New Haven Unified School District board member Sarabjit Cheema -- and republican Luis Reynoso, a Hayward Unified School District trustee.

The Contra Costa Times, however, endorses Quirk for the Assembly seat. They write:

We opt for Quirk in part because of the more effective leadership he and his city have shown controlling employee benefit costs.

Which candidate would you support? Tell us in the comments below.

Read the Chronicle editorial here.

See the Contra Costa Times' endorsements here.

Brash Brazen May 08, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Mark Green's obstruction of "safe & legal access" to medicinal marijuana is a violation of both state law & his oath to uphold the laws of the state of California. His callous disregard for cannabis patients & state law makes him uniquely unqualified for any public office. 55% of Alameda County voters favored the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2010 & this prohibitionist is out of step with the majority of his constituents. Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski on the other hand is a ardent & vocal supporter of cannabis patients & legalization. Let's make an example of Mr. Green that he & his co-conspirators on the Union City Council won't soon forget,that interfering in the distribution of medical marijuana automatically disqualifies you from seeking office in this area. Mark Green defied the will of local voters,he's made his bed now let's make him sleep in it. Tell your friends & neighbors that it's time to end this anti-marijuana zealots pursuit of higher political office. In fact the entire council should be removed from office now because of their unwarranted & illegal attack on cannabis patients. Don't encourage this man's criminal & repugnant actions with your votes. We need an Assemblyman who abides by the law,not just the laws that suit his personal agenda. The endorsement of the conservative editorial staff of a media conglomerate is both as worthless & meaningless as their publications. Mr. Green has no respect for the law or Union Cities patients,JUST SAY NO !!!
Tim May 08, 2012 at 06:18 AM
Ok, Brash... or is it "Summer Hemphill"? Or perhaps "Bong Sativa"? Whatever your nom de jour is I will not be voting for Green either but because of his support for Preparation H.... I couldn't give a shit one way or the other about you and your drug use and/or abuse.
Linda Fernandes May 08, 2012 at 05:43 PM
My comments about Mark Green come from a much broader experience. In the years he's served the city, our family ha benefited greatly. It is fun to play with great grandchild at a well maintained park that my children once enjoyed. I can stay fit at the Sports Center, I can take my dog to a beautifully maintained dog park, and go out to a movie and dine on tapas in Union City. All these great amenities along with improved transportation options and a fine school system to attract newcomers. I think Mark Green has been great for my tax paying dollars and I'd be proud to have him represent us at the State level.


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