Alameda County Board of Supervisors Vote Deadlocked Between Apodaca and Valle

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors deadlocked 2-2 when voting who to appoint to replace former District 2 Supervisor Nadia Lockyer.

- Bay City News

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors deadlocked 2-2 today on appointing a replacement for Nadia Lockyer, raising the possibility that it might be left up to Gov. Jerry Brown to fill the vacancy.

Lockyer, 41, announced her resignation on April 20 after only 15 months in office, saying she wasn't able to be a good mother to her child and represent her 325,000 constituents in District 2 "while also trudging the waters of early recovery from addiction and the aftermath of interpersonal violence."

A majority of at least three of the four remaining supervisors must agree on a replacement for Lockyer by June 19. If they fail to reach an agreement, it will then be up to Gov. Jerry Brown to name someone.

Eight people applied for the vacancy and the Board of Supervisors narrowed that list down to five people.

After a public hearing last week, two leading candidates emerged: NewarkVice Mayor Ana Apodaca and former Union City Councilman Richard Valle.

The four board members split their votes between Apodaca and Valle today, with Scott Haggerty and Keith Carson supporting Apodaca and Wilma Chan and Nate Miley supporting Valle.

The board took a 10-minute break after its vote today to try to figure out a way to resolve the deadlock but after its break the board remained deadlocked and the meeting was adjourned.

The board could try again at its meetings on June 12 and June 19 but at this point the board isn't scheduled to address the matter again.

If and when a replacement for Lockyer is appointed, that person will only serve as District 2 supervisor until the Nov. 6 general election, when voters will be asked to select someone to serve the final two years of the four-year term.

District 2 seat encompasses Hayward, Newark and Union City as well as the northern part of Fremont and part of Sunol.

Lockyer, who is the wife of California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, was elected to office in November 2010.

After missing several board meetings earlier this year, Lockyer announced on Feb. 14 that she was . She began participating in board meetings again on March 20 but then announced her .

Summer Hemphill June 06, 2012 at 07:24 AM
You're correct a Libertarian candidate like Former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson could siphon off voters from Obama's left & Romney's right ! He ran for the Republican nomination this time,but was the only candidate who never lead & he did endorse Ron Paul in 2008.
Summer Hemphill June 06, 2012 at 08:24 AM
Well,Tim all is not lost in Wisconsin as John Lehmen just declared victory in the race for office in the 21st District giving the Democrats a majority in the State Senate ! Perhaps the exit polls showing Obama with a 6% lead over Romney amongst Wisconsin voters are right on the money !
Nick June 06, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Lockyer wasn't really doing the job for what 5-6 months? Do we ever notice when an office is open, geez, I can't even tell if Nagy is mayor. Keep the seat open until the election in November. If there needs to be temp representation, just split the district 4 ways for the time being, have the election, boom done. it's just a waste of time and time is money.
Rob Sorensen June 06, 2012 at 08:24 PM
They had Gail Steele ready to come back for a short stint. But, in true government dramatic overreaching deftness, the ALCO Board decided to "define" what our representative should look like ethnically. Hubris or stupidity? I'd have to say we don't know what the priorities are of a new someone and will they serve all the people. An election solves that issue.
Tim June 07, 2012 at 01:57 AM
So what? 16 of Wisconsin's state Senators are up for election this November anyway. The legislature isn't doing squat until then anyway. Besides, the major proposals Walker wanted were already signed into law. That cannot be undone without a new governor. I guess when Obama loses in November and your party loses the Senate you'll be jumping for victory because Diane Feinstein was re-elected, LOL.


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