Sierra LaMar's Twitter Hacked Twice

Wednesday wasn’t the first time the missing teen’s Twitter account was fraudulently accessed, and authorities are prepared to file charges against the impersonator.

A bogus tweet was sent from Sierra LaMar’s Twitter account on Wednesday, and it wasn’t the first time the missing teen’s account was fraudulently accessed.

Sierra’s account was hacked a few weeks ago by someone in the Philippines, but authorities weren’t able to pursue the source because it occurred outside their jurisdiction, Sgt. Jose Cardoza of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said.  

The first hacking incident wasn’t disclosed to the public because detectives didn’t want the individuals behind these crimes to receive too much publicity, and subsequently take away needed resources from the LaMar case.

“It takes away from the primary focus in this case, which is to follow-up on creditable leads, locate Sierra and return her home,” Cardoza said.

Although investigators determined that Sierra’s account was accessed without the teen’s consent, they’re not ready to release specifics about how the determination was reached.

“We’re working on tracing where it came from right now—there’s some more follow-up that needs to be done,” Cardoza said.

Sierra, who grew up in Fremont but most recently lived in Morgan Hill, was last seen on March 16.

Sheriff’s Office personnel are resuming search efforts for Sierra today, and are currently . Divers will search any identified areas of interest, Cardoza said.

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James Nelson April 20, 2012 at 04:39 AM
This isn't Hacking! Obviously you haven't ever met a REAL Hacker otherwise you would know the difference between Cracking something or Hacking it. Don't worry Corinne, many Millions of other people around the world fail to grasp the difference as well. Although it's true that Skiddies are responsible for the Term "Hacker" being Misunderstood, still everyone fails to even learn what "Hacker" really means. $10 says this idiot used a FREE Script to access the Account all by the Click of a Mouse. These people aren't Hackers they are slightly above a Neophyte but still Clueless all the same! If you are going to use Terms such as "Hacking" then you should research what they REALLY mean prior to throwing them up. Disappointed in you, No Cookie!
e April 20, 2012 at 06:38 PM
This James Nelson guy is a real D-bag. The point of the article is not to debate your lame ass techie lingo. It's to inform the public that some losers are about to get arrested for harassing this poor girl's family and friends. Get a clue, sh*thead...
James Nelson April 21, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Easy E, I'm well aware of what the point of the Article is about, however those who write said Articles need to know what they are actually talking about if they are going to use Mysterious Words they know nothing about. I'd expect nothing less from an Educated Individual such as Corinne. As for Sierra Lamar, It's WAY past 48 hours, with each new passing day the window of Opportunity becomes smaller and smaller. It's been over a Month, old News by most Accounts, all this Activity AFTER the fact is pointless. If Barny Fife and his band of Cohorts didn't botch the Case from the very beginning, her Story may have turned out much better. Now back to my Point! If you are going to Write an Article about something, then you should KNOW the Difference! Every Single day Mainstream Media gets it wrong, they never attempt to get it right even after being made aware that it's wrong. Sensationalizing is the name of the game for those Fake Journalists. I don't consider Patch to be Fake, but with people unwilling to do a bit of Research the future of Patch being Relevant is in Danger.


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