Police Log: Woman Robbed in Safeway Parking Lot; UPS Driver Robbed While Making Deliveries

This week’s police log contains multiple reports of armed robberies, an attempted home burglary and a pedestrian-vehicle accident, among others.

The following is a collection of reports prepared by the . The document contains only items of note. Dated Jan. 12, the log contains incidents that occurred from Jan. 6 to 11. Reports have been lightly edited for Patch style.

Friday, Jan. 6

Man arrested after attempting to evade police

A patrol officer in the area of Dyer Street and Regents Boulevard saw a speeding vehicle on Dyer Street. The officer tried to make an enforcement stop, but the suspect failed to yield. The officer stopped his high-speed pursuit when the suspect drove into a residential neighborhood on Jean Drive, but continued to look for the suspect. Shortly after, the officer found the suspect’s crashed vehicle in the area of Jean Drive and Carmen Way, the report said. The suspect tried to run on foot, but the officer caught him a short distance away. According to the report, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance, possessing drug paraphernalia, failing to yield to a police officer, and two outstanding felony arrest warrants.

Saturday, Jan. 7

Armed robbery at Rite Aid

Officers were sent to investigate an armed robbery at the store located at 1650 Decoto Road. The loss prevention agent told officers that he was outside of the store trying to arrest a shoplifter when the suspect’s get-away driver approached and pointed a handgun at him, the report said. Both suspects then escaped in a vehicle. The investigations unit is reviewing video evidence and following up on leads.

Sunday, Jan. 8

Pedestrian injured in vehicle accident

Officers responded to the area of Alvarado Boulevard near Dyer Street to investigate a traffic accident involving a pedestrian. According to the report, officers learned that the pedestrian was jaywalking across Alvarado Boulevard when he was struck by a vehicle traveling on Alvarado Boulevard. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital to be treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries, the report said.

Woman robbed at gunpoint in Safeway parking lot

Later in the night, officers responded to a just-occurred armed robbery in the parking lot on Decoto Road. The female victim was walking to her car when she was approached by a lone armed suspect, who pulled out a handgun, took the victim’s purse and fled on foot through the parking lot.

Tuesday, Jan. 10

Attempted home burglary

Officers responded to an attempted home burglary on the 33000 block of 4th Street. The resident was asleep in his bedroom when he heard two suspects attempting to break in. The victim chased after the suspects but they managed to escape in a waiting vehicle. 

Occupy Oakland demonstrators fall victim to their own American Licorice protest tactics

Over the past week, the police department has responded to various complaints in the area of Liston Way and Whipple Road in connection with the labor dispute between the and its employees. On Monday, Occupy Oakland demonstrators had joined the picket line, with more than 100 people blocking the entrances and exits of the company, refusing to allow people and supplies to enter the property. Officers had the demonstrators move to allow access to the property. On Tuesday, the two parties came to an agreement and ended the labor dispute and demonstration.

Late Tuesday evening, however, officers encountered a car with a flat tire at Whipple Road at Liston Way. According to the report, a carload of suspected Occupy Oakland protesters had not received their Twitter updates and showed up in the area of the strike to lend support. Their car ran over several nails that their fellow protesters had thrown on the ground earlier in the day in in an effort to thwart deliveries.

Wednesday, Jan. 11

UPS driver robbed at gunpoint

On Wednesday morning, officers responded to the report of an armed robbery involving a UPS driver making deliveries in the area of Santa Susana Way at San Andreas Drive. According to the report, the driver was approached by three adult males. One suspect pulled out a handgun and forced the driver to give up his wallet, cell phone and some packages off his truck. The suspects fled in a red or orange colored unknown model vehicle. The investigations unit is following up on this incident.

Daniel January 14, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Hello Ron and Mona, Thanks for the responses. I'm going to agree with Ron on this since giving a physical desrption may trigger someone's memory out there reading The Patch to report something to the Police if they saw and remember something. I don't like buying newspapers. They're dirty and need to be recycled and why should I if I 'm already paying for the Internet but newspapers seem to give more details regaring suspects. For example: Caucasian, 5'10", 200 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, tatoo on right arm. These are the details I'm interested in seeing so we can help the Police catch these dangerous poeple. If they wore masks or hoods then the story should state such. My comments were more aimed at the editor of this web site, who I may add is doing an excellent job but I want more details. I go to the places at night that are getting robbed so I see a pattern already and want to know if the same suspects are possibly committing these crimes. Thanks, Daniel
Zoneil Maharaj January 14, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Hi all, I do agree that physical descriptions will obviously help in catching criminals, but as stated at the top of these weekly Police Log reports, these are shared with us by the police department, hence there is no byline. It's also posted on the City of Union City website. Oftentimes, when we do report descriptions, they tend to be vague and general. I can't speak for the PD, but I've noticed that when there are unique characteristics of the suspect, or some sort of surveillance photo, it is shared with us. We work with what we're given, as I'm sure the PD does.
Daniel January 14, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Thanks for clarifying Zoneil. Keep up the good work! Regards, Daniel
Doughboy Self Defense January 18, 2012 at 04:21 PM
That shopping center is swarming with people at all hours, i don't think the security or pd is asking the right questions. Or maybe just not giving enough attention to the little things.
Ron January 18, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I believe most of us know that with ten people witnessing the same event, you'll end up with ten different "eye witness" versions of what actually happened. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. I am sure UCPD is asking all the right questions, but being a good witness, even to your "own" event, can be challenging. Any investigation, assuming the investigator is doing his/her job well, will have all the right questions answered. One could look into the "bedside" manner of the investigating officer and/or what else might be going on at the same time of the incident to determine where things go from there. Important things to remember are to: know your surroundings, don't put yourself in danger (it is better to live another day than take on an unnecessary confrontation), don't carry valuables (certainly openly if you can get away with it...only carry what you need), always have an escape route planned, recognize that we are less "concerned (and aware)" about people coming up behind us than we are those coming toward us, talk to the crook and make yourself into a "real" person, distract him/them, give them what they want, escape at the first opportunity (even if you get injured...which is better than dead), and if held, do everything you can to make noise and injury (I mean hit/kick/bite/twist/poke!) the crook! In the case of a kidnapping, this may be your last chance! Finally, report all incidents. UCPD can't do anything about things they don't know about.


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