Police Activity at Union City BART Station Delays Trains Saturday Night

Photo Credit: Charles Burress
Photo Credit: Charles Burress
By Bay City News Service

BART experienced a 20-minute delay on the Richmond line due to police activity at the Union City station on Saturday night, a watch commander said.

A Richmond train arrived at the Union City BART station around 10 p.m. when a man suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol entered the first car and knocked on the train operator's door, Lt. Ed Alvarez said.

The man apparently told the train operator that he thought somebody was following him, Alvarez said. BART police quickly arrived and a struggle ensued with the man who ended up on the ground as officers handcuffed him.

Passengers waited inside the four-car train and doors were closed during the incident. Officers seated the man on a bench at the platform and medical personnel arrived to transport the man. There were no reported injuries, Alvarez said.


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