Union City Pensions over $100K!!

Didn't expect to see this, but there there are 18 Union City retirees making over $100,000 (IN RETIREMENT) per year as a pension. The top two take home over $190,000.

We tax payers are paying for this! CALPERS needs massive reform and I urge all of you to pay attention. How many of us will ever make anywhere near that amount of money even as well paid professionals?? It's really a rip off of the public and you should all be aware that this is happening under our noses.

The more we pay out in these outrageous pensions the more difficult it is to maintain our streets, our schools, staffing of police and fire is threatened, and overall quality of life is reduced. Don't know about you, but I've seen significant changes in Union City over the last few years and none of it is positive. We can't afford to pay out these pensions that are outrageous and unfair to those of us paying taxes.

Check out the link below and become an informed citizen.



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