SCHOOL LOCKDOWN - New invention makes classrooms safer while deterring inreuders

A new classroom lockdown key less device is now available to your schools. It is so simple that the teacher or any classroom occupant can instantly lock a classroom without using a door key and without ever stepping out into the hallway and possibly face the violent intruder. This new device is called LOCKAIDE.It was invented by a middle school principal in the state of New Jersey. Please take a look at this web site to learn more about this new invention that will make every learning environment safer  www.lockaide.com. Feel free to YOUTUBE search: LOCKAIDE and watch 5 short video clips. 
Here is a link to an article written about the inventor and his new product:   http://www.northjersey.com/search/?q=lockaide&q=lockaide
If your school or law enforcement is interested in learning more about LOCKAIDE, please write to  info@lockaide.com


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