YouTube Finds: Operations at Former Apple Factory in Fremont Documented

Fremont was once home to a manufacturing plant for Apple, Inc.

It's no secret that an Apple factory once called the Tri-Cities home, but have you wondered exactly what was produced inside of the now vacant Fremont building?

The video found on YouTube above showcases what products were made and how they were built inside of the plant.

Located at 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, the former manufacturing center includes three buildings that sits on 20 acres, according to the city documents.

It opened in January 1984 and continued to manufacture Macintosh computers for approximately two years until its operations relocated, but the facility continued to produce Apple products until it closed in September 1992.

Did you work at the Fremont Apple factory? Tell us in the comment section below.


  • Former Apple Factory's Historical Significance Under Consideration

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James A. Shand December 24, 2012 at 12:48 AM
I worked at the Fremont Mfg plant from July, 1984 until it finally ceased operations in Sept, 1993. From 1984-1990 I was an equipment support technician in charge of maintaining the surface mount equipment you see in the video building the CPUs. From 1990-1993, I was a production supervisor. The 48233 building was modified to build all of the CPUs and peripheral boards. The 48105 building was to complete assembly of the Macs and burn them in and ship. I still recognize a few people from the video. At its peak, we were producing over a 1000 Macs a day, two-shifts, 6 days-a-week with over 600 employees (about 1/2 temps) across three buildings. Apple corporate wanted a new Mac in production every 6 months. At one point we manufactured Mac IIci, IIcx, Mac FX, the first two laptops and several others I no longer remember. Wonderful company to work for. Concurrent with the Fremont site, Apple had manufacturing sites in Singapore and Cork, Ireland. The site was shut down finally in September of 1993 and moved to Laguna (south of Sacramento). Transition to that site took 18 months. About 1/2 of the employees made the move up there. That site existed until about early 2002 when all Apple manufacturing ceased stateside. Jim Shand Former Apple Employee (#6002)


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