Nurses to Picket Kaiser Permanente's San Leandro Clinic Today

The protest will be held at noon today.

Patch photo archive
Patch photo archive
Kaiser registered nurses will picket the opening of Kaiser Permanente's San Leandro clinic today to protest what they say is the loss of pediatric care for Alameda County children.

The San Leandro clinic is designed as a seismic replacement for Kaiser Hospital in Hayward and the RNs claim the San Leandro facility will not offer a full range of hospital services.

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The protest starts at 12:30 p.m. at the San Leandro clinic, located at 2500 Merced St. in San Leandro.

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—By  Bay City News
Richard Taylor April 10, 2014 at 01:42 PM
I guess I am really dumb after reading this: Investing in Our Communities: Kaiser Permanente Expands Care for Children in Alameda County, New Pediatric Center to Open in Oakland Kaiser Permanente is making a significant, $2 billion investment in the health, economy, and well-being of Alameda County and the East Bay with the building of the new Kaiser Permanente San Leandro and Oakland Medical Centers, resulting in new hospitals, expanded services, and 24-hour emergency services open to the community. Both set to open in 2014, together these medical centers will offer the full range of care and expertise for our members. As a result, pediatric services will expand when the Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center opens, adding to the care we provide for children that is already located in Hayward, Fremont, Oakland, and Alameda. This includes labor and delivery and expanded Level 3 neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). In southern Alameda County, members and their children will be able to see their pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and other physicians through routine office visits and outpatient clinics at medical centers in Hayward, Fremont, and San Leandro when it opens in 2014. Our pediatric offices in Hayward and Fremont will remain open, with no changes in service planned. The construction of our two new medical centers in San Leandro and Oakland offers us the opportunity to enhance our inpatient pediatric care and services consistent with the knowledge that inpatient pediatric care is increasingly specialized. When the new Oakland Medical Center opens and the Hayward hospital closes in 2014, children in the area who are Kaiser Permanente members will go to the new inpatient pediatric center at Oakland if they need to be hospitalized. The Oakland Medical Center will have one of the most comprehensive inpatient pediatric centers in the Bay Area, with specialized equipment, physicians, and staff, all dedicated to care for children. By serving a larger population of children who need to be hospitalized, the new Pediatric Center will allow Kaiser Permanente to provide greater specialization and expertise under one roof, rivaling many children's hospitals. Creating a center of excellence is critical to providing high quality care for our pediatric patients. National studies show that higher patient volume is an important factor related to quality of care and better surgical outcomes. The current inpatient pediatric census in our Hayward hospital for children under a year old through age 14 is quite low, averaging four patients per day. In contrast, the Oakland Medical Center will have up to 35 beds for children and an expanded 12-bed pediatric intensive care unit—a high enough volume of patients to enable us to provide greater expertise and specialization in one place. Kaiser Permanente is committed to the health and well being of our members and the communities we serve. We are proud to be investing in our communities in order to provide the wide range of quality care and services children need to be as healthy as possible.
Richard Taylor April 10, 2014 at 01:59 PM
And my grandchild was recently well taken care of while hospitalized in the Oakland pediatric center. We was even transported free of charge by ambulance to the Oakland facility after the staff at the Hayward hospital thought he would have more appropriate care at the specialized intensive care pediatric hospital ward in Oakland. Yeah you nailed it, I am dumb and have no idea want I am commenting about. Have you had a child in the Kaiser system recently to see how it worked. Like I said I have seen it and was very pleased with the care given as were his parents. By the way, I just love your insults and how they show me who you are. I guess throwing out insults helps make your point stronger in your mind. It seems to be the way many on the left operate these days. To bad.
Ken Briggs April 10, 2014 at 02:24 PM
So why do I got go to Oakland for when the hospital in San Leandro , can or could do the same thing. not everyone has wheels to run all over from one hospital to the other .
Richard Taylor April 10, 2014 at 03:09 PM
San Leandro will have a pediatric clinic. If it is more serious and the child needs to be hospitalized then the child will be referred on to Oakland to the improved specialized pediatric hospital ward. Sounds fine to me. 15 minutes from Hayward to Oakland, let alone from San Leandro to Oakland, is not what I consider running all over. If you are not a Kaiser member your choice will be very limited if Hayward's St Rose Hospital closes which it currently appears will be.happening. That will leave hospitals in Oakland and Fremont with Castro Valley in between as your only opinions. Anyway, I don't see much point in continuing this discussion. If you don't like Kaiser, there may be other opinions that may be more pleasing for you. Have a pleasant rest of the day.


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