Martial Arts Studio Offers Free 'Bully Proof' Program for National Bully Prevention Month

Thirty free slots are available for the Hernandez Martial Arts program, which teaches "common sense before self-defense."

From Hernandez Martial Arts:

Hernandez Martial Arts in Union City is offering 30 local kids the chance to participate in a Free 30 Day, “Bully Proof” Program this October.

Hernandez Martial Arts, LLC has Bully Proofed thousands of children well over the past 30 years and not in the manner you would think. Now, the longest running martial arts studio in Union City is looking to make an impact in their community, one kid at a time, by offering a Free 30 Day “Bully Proof” Program during the month of October at their Union City location.

“October is National Bully Awareness Month, but instead of bringing awareness to this rampant problem, we want to make a difference and offer our community members a solution. We’re all aware of the threats from bullying but many parents aren’t aware of the preventive measures we can teach our kids to help prevent them from being a victim to bullying. What’s more surprising, these preventive measures have nothing to do with punching, kicking, fighting or violence,” says Bobby Hernandez, Co-Owner with his father Bob Hernandez.

“What these preventive measures have to do with is giving our kids an education in bullying to help them navigate this part of their life, just as we send our kids to school to acquire an education, enabling them to ultimately navigate their adult life.”

Hernandez Martial Arts’ team of Top Black Belt Instructors will work with 30 boys and girls this October, ages 6 to 11 and lead them through a martial arts based education that doesn’t support the use of fighting and violence when dealing with bullying situations but rather advocates the use of “Common Sense Before Self-Defense” to “prevent” bullying situations.

“Handling bullies is really about education and using common sense while developing the individual from the inside out through instilling essential character and values, the building blocks for any successful individual. Being there’s a whole psychology when it comes to bullying, our goal is to educate these 30 kids on what’s actually going on with bullying then, offer these kids’ valid strategies and solutions to help avoid, prevent and ultimately eliminate the threats of bullies,” says Bobby. “I look at this education as a preventive maintenance, just as you would get a flu shot to help prevent yourself from catching the flu. This is an education all kids should receive since most kids are exposed to bullying on a frequent basis.”

These 30 kids will attend classes 2 times a week in the late afternoon / early evenings in a fun, safe, kid oriented environment. Students and parents will have the opportunity to choose days and times so classes will coincide with even the busiest of schedules.

Registration for this Bully Proof Program is currently underway and will end October 30, 2012 or when the 30 free spaces are filled.

“I think we all have a bully story, and I’m no exception. But, why did being a victim to bullying stop so abruptly for me? This is what we’re going to teach these 30 kids, absolutely free.”

To sign your child up for a Free, 30 Day Bully Proof Program or to obtain additional information, call 510.487.3790.

mr haho October 13, 2012 at 12:19 AM
Angela Smith October 18, 2012 at 05:27 PM
I do agree with this kind of protection it will somehow be a prevention from bullying. For generations, too many of us have shrugged off bullying as just kids being kids, but it is a great thing that the country is now seeing this as a serious matter not only for kids and their family but for the whole country as well. I was scanning through a few blogs and found this article on a Safety Service for my children. It seemed interesting because it has direct 911 routing with accurate location so I checked it out on: http://safekidzone.com
Michelle Smith February 07, 2013 at 06:45 PM
As technologies increasing rapidly so bullying does. And as a mom of two boys, more often than not I always received a report that my child was bullied from peers and they usually went home crying. And it does break my heart seeing your children in pain. But all I can do as a parent is to encourage and shows my love for them. Good thing I've searched a safety Application through the Android App Store that is useful in preventing and protecting children away from home. I have tested the app and it works great! Check it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=skz.skz&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsInNrei5za3oiXQ.


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