Free Martial Arts Classes Open to 30 Local Kids this Summer

Hernandez Martial Arts in Union City will give 30 local kids the chance to participate in its 90-Day 'Transform' Class, beginning June 1, for free.

30 kids. Three months. One goal - transform.

That's the motto of the newest class being offered by Hernandez Martial Arts in Union City.

It's called "Transform," and it will be offered to 30 local kids for free this summer.

"We're looking to make a big impact on the community," said co-owners Bob Hernandez Sr. and Bobby Hernandez Jr. "We want to guide kids and lead them through a martial arts training regimen that doesn’t support the use of punching and kicking, but rather advocates the use of 'common sense before self-defense.'"

Another motto of the studio's is that it not only develops champions of the ring, but champions of life, by instilling confidence and strong moral values in its students.

“Fighting is a very small part of being a martial artist” Bobby Hernandez, Jr. explained. “What’s more valuable than anything is the character and values one gains from their martial art training, and then putting it to use in everyday life. Values such as focus and concentration for better grades, self-discipline to complete homework and chores, confidence to believe in themselves and handle unwanted situations, self-control to maintain one's impulses and actions, and, we can’t forget, respect for parents, teachers, family members and friends."

"This in itself is what makes you a martial artist, and this type of training teaches kids that most physical confrontations are unnecessary and can be avoided, while developing the skills that are necessary to be successful in life,” he continued.

To share these ideals with the community, Bob and Bobby and their studio's staff of black belt instructors have decided to take on 30 students this summer for a free 90-day class, called "Transform." 

"There’s no money to pay, nor obligations to stay - it's just a good, old-fashioned community service project to help enhance, improve, change, modify or 'transform' character traits in children."

The 30 children will train twice a week in the late afternoon to early evening time, in a "fun, safe, kid-oriented environment," staff said.

"Students and parents will have the opportunity to choose days and times so classes can coincide with even the busiest of schedules, and students will have the opportunity to earn their first belt rank at the end of the 90-day project," Bobby Hernandez Jr. explained.

Registration is already underway and spots will be given to the first 30 children. The registration will close after May 31.

“Knowing how to defend yourself may help you one day,” said Bob Hernandez Sr., “but living like a martial artist will help you every day.”

studio is located at 33476 Alvarado Niles Road, suite 3, in Union City. For more information or to register for the 90-day "Transform" class, call 510-487-3790 or visit www.hernandezkarate.com.




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