Dragons Den MMA Rated As Best Martial Arts Studio

Dragons Den MMA received the highest number of ratings and reviews.

At , training is all about self-defense, sport, fitness and fun.

And its the martial arts studio’s focus on courses designed for people of all ages that has earned it high ratings and the title of Union City Patch’s Readers’ Choice 2012: Best Martial Arts Studio award.

Located at 2801 Whipple Rd., Dragons Den is headed by husband and wife duo Jeff and Liza Macalolooy.

The studio serves more than 100 kids and adults in a variety of programs, including wrestling, jiu-jitsu, eskrima (Filipino stick-fighting), kickboxing and kajukenbo, a Hawaiian mixed martial art that combines boxing, kenpo karate, judo, jiu-jitsu and other fighting techniques.

Though it didn't receive the most votes in the poll, Dragons Den won by having two five-star ratings and raving reviews.

Patch reader Anna Wang and her 5-year-old daughter are both enrolled in the studio's kajukenbo programs.

"The teachers are fantastic, incorporating lessons that target the different skill levels of participants and guiding our development patiently and with genuine friendliness (so it's not about being strict cold instructors)," Wang wrote.

Commenters Craig & Marietta added, "Every instructor has an active interest in making sure you're progressing to your potential! We have seen a dramatic improvement in both of our daughters attitude and confidence that you cannot put a price on."

Coming in after Dragons Den were , which received the most poll votes (42 percent), and , which also had a positive review and rating. also received an overwhelming number of votes with 33 perecent of the 1,144 total votes. However, neither Choi's nor Mac Self Defense received any ratings, reviews or comments.

Love , too? Or do you like a different martial arts studio? Write a review for any of Union City‘s martial arts studios on Union City Patch's Places.


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