Missed Connections: Glances While Driving, Drinks at a Local Bar, Packages Delivered and More

A collection of missed and chance encounters from the Tri-Cities.

Wondering if that guy thought you were hot? Was that girl actually smiling at you? Is it fate calling you or as hip-hop group Pharcyde asks "Was that twinkle in her eye just a twinkle in her eye?"

Maybe you’re crazy. But maybe, just maybe, you two should have met.

Missed connections are those chance encounters people can make every day. Some people try to reestablish those meetings through Craigslist. And every week, we’ll run a few from the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

  • Girl(s) Racing Me On Thornton: Long shot in the dark…just an hour before I took Exit 19 onto Thornton and saw this cute girl swish by me real fast. We raced a few blocks…exchanged glances and smiles...You have the cutest smile! – M4W, 29; Posted Jan. 28 (Newark)
  • Grey Goose and Tonic At Blowfish:  Bought you that drink at the bar – we had a nice chat. We’re both in Fremont. You pinky-promised me a drink later. – M4W, 27 Posted Jan. 28 (San Jose/Fremont)
  • To L.C. From D.A.: You helped me when I was new to the school. I was so shocked by your kindness and beauty. …I tell my friends how much I’m crushing over you. I tell them how beautiful you are, how smart you are, how funny you are. …Wish I could’ve known you better. W4W; Posted Jan. 30 (Fremont)
  • Woman With Long, Black and Hot Pink Hair, Starbucks Mowry:  I saw you again at Starbucks on Mowry. …I thought I finally gathered the courage to strike up a conversation with you today but you were reading/studying(?) You were soooo focused. …You’re very pretty. – M4W, 38; Posted Feb. 1 (Newark/Fremont)
  • Delivery Guy, Not UPS: I see you come in from time to time making your delivery or pickups. Today you asked me if any packages were going out. You also ask me what my name was and we shook hands. I have a big crush on you. – M4M, 37; Posted Feb. 1 (Hayward)

(Click the links to read the full listing on Craigslist.)


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