Loved Ones Celebrate Life of Oikos Shooting Victim Lydia Sim

More than 100 people attended a service at the Hayward Korean Baptist Church Wednesday night for 21-year-old Lydia Sim, one of seven victims of the Oikos University shooting.

The life of 21-year-old Lydia H. Sim was commemorated at the Hayward Korean Baptist Church where more than 100 gathered Wednesday night. Sim, a former Union City resident, was one of the seven people killed in the on Monday. 

Happy memories of Sim was the main topic at her memorial service. Friends say they remember her as the girl with a big smile, a ray of sunshine that also brought out smiles from others.

Sim's young life was unexpectedly taken when she was caught in the middle of a shooting rampage at Oikos University on Monday. Aside from Sim, six others, including Union City resident , were killed and three injured. Suspect One L. Goh, a former Oikos student, has been arrested and .

As senseless and tragic the incident may seem, Sim's family and friends celebrated the brighter moments during the vigil.

Among those in attendance were Sim's college friends at Oikos and high school friends who attended with her, where she graduated in 2009.

"She is one of those people who is an actual genuinely happy," said former Logan classmate Ghemie Sangil. "She does have the ability to walk into a room and brighten it up and make everyone smile."


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