Lucky Ducks! — Union Sanitary District Comes to the Rescue

Eleven ducklings are rescued in Union City and brought to Ohlone Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Newark.

From the Union Sanitary District

Eleven ducklings probably weren’t feeling very fortunate after they slipped into a storm drain in a Union City neighborhood recently.

A concerned resident asked the District for assistance after tracking down the source of a chorus of anxious peeping in front of her home.

She discovered a distressed brood gathered under the drain’s grate, but any efforts to rescue them caused them to run into the pipe that led under the street.

USD staff members Joe Mendoza and Joe Pereira worked with neighbors to slip a piece of cardboard through the grate to block off the main pipe’s opening, so the frightened youngsters stayed put near the curb. Mendoza and Pereira then used special tools to lift the grate, and the rescuers scooped the ducklings to safety. The entire “mission” took just a few minutes, once the right implements were available!

Since no mama duck was in sight, the youngsters were taken to Ohlone Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which is located next to USD’s Newark pump station. When they are old enough to fend for themselves, the ducklings will be released in a safe area.

# # # #

Union Sanitary District operates a 30 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility in Union City and provides collection, treatment and disposal services to the cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City. For more information about USD, call (510) 477-7500 or visit www.unionsanitary.ca.gov.


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