Coach Swift's Family Accepting Respite Assist

A way for well wishers to get involved. Also, visits are okay if arranged in advance.


Stacy Kelly has served as a conduit of information between the family of Coach Rich Swift and his many well-wishers. Here is a lightly edited version of some recent updates:

He's home, set up nicely in his living room. There's lots of flowers, pictures, photo collages and, of course, his 70 inch TV (I remember when he got it, bragging it was bigger then mine) making him comfortable. 

Edna says he has his days & nights mixed up because he keeps her up all night.

He's probably doing it on purpose to spend more time with her.

He's on oxygen and meds to make him comfortable. Hospice comes every day to check on him, help with his care and help Edna with certain things.

He did open his eyes a little and look at me and it breaks my heart to see him like this. Newark has lost too many people in the last couple years and loosing the ROCK of our athletic program is going to be hard for everyone.

Please keep him in your prayers that when it is his time that he doesn't suffer and pray for the people who are caring for him that they are OK through this hard time

Anyone that would like to help with meals or staying with Coach Swift when Edna needs a break or sleep should email Kelly Hess at spinningkh@aol.com.

One last thing.

here have been comments by some that Coach Swift is not having home any visitors. That is not true. Edna just asks that you get in contact first so she can make sure not too many people show at any given time.

We all love and will miss him when he's gone so spending time will make us all and we hope him feel better.


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