Tennis Lessons in Union City, CA
Tennis Lessons in Union City, CA

Euro School of Tennis Gives Kids Opportunity to Excel With All-Year Long Tennis Lessons

Pride. Confidence. Respect. Responsibility. They’re all values almost every parent wants to instill in their children, and Euro School of Tennis is ready to help with their Junior  Tennis Lessons. Offering youngsters in a variety of skill levels the chance to learn and compete in a sport that has so much to teach, Euro School of Tennis is currently holding sign-ups for this memorable experience.

Real Tennis, Serious Fun

Complex rules help define the sport of tennis, but our tennis lessons are hardly about a list of do’s and don’ts. Instead, Euro School of Tennis works to help your child develop the techniques and skills needed to keep the ball in play again and again, and in the process, your child has the chance to learn more about this game that means so much to players around the world.

“Kids don’t enjoy playing sports because they care about winning,” said Alex Rupchin / Tennis Director. “Kids love to pick up new sports like tennis because of the fun factor. They actually like doing something they’re good at and improving their skills at something new, so we spend quite a bit of time focusing on the fundamentals of the game in creative ways.”

Tennis Excellence in Your Backyard This Fall

Monday to Sundays (except Friday), students can play in the Tri-City area (Fremont, Newark, Union City)  at the Glenmoor Tennis Center  

This innovative tennis classes start every month, but space is limited, so if you want Euro School of Tennis to help your child get excited about stealing that next set. Info at euroschooloftennis.com


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