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Elaine Navarro July 19, 2014 at 12:00 AM
I notice this as a large problem in Union City. I contacted animal control a few years ago andRead Morethey suggested using a bucket with a cloth drenched in bleach under the home (if possible) to make the animal leave. Here is a link that should be interesting to you. http://www.cbsnews.com/sunday-morning/
Edward June 22, 2014 at 03:11 AM
Hard to do when one of the biggest contributers to politcal campains is PG&E and they giveRead Moremoney to every candidate so they own them. You Want Choice, You want clean energy? Then put "off-Grid" Solar on your home. keep your PG&E bill$ in tier 1 no matter what they do to "net Metering" in the future. You cut the wires to Big Telecom with a cell phone? Now cut the Financial Wires to big profitable PG&E and use them only in emergency when the Sun Don't Shine. You do not have to be content with 30% clean renewable when you can have 100% clean renewable. They can not force you to sell them your power and when they go to "Brown outs" or "Black outs", you will still have clean electricity. Put in enough solar and that new Electric Car will get you to work 100% clean and free of Oil Company price manipulation.
Kyoko Takayama June 22, 2014 at 06:05 PM
You got a point there. However not every house is a good candidate for the solar, and hopefullyRead Morepeop le are not getting rid of trees for the solar installation. It is not easy, but our voices combined can change the outcome of the bills and that is why we are working on it. The senators on the Utility committees are getting hundreds of phone calls and they are actually reading the bill and talking to each other about it. They need to know that we are watching and we do care. We need to move towards clean power as a nation to save our planet. If not CA who else? If not US, who else could lead the effort in the world?
Edward June 22, 2014 at 10:33 PM
Some homes are shadowed by big buildngs, hills and large trees, but, those that have at least someRead Moref ull sun, should take advantage of the 10% to 15% return on their money that they get from solar over the 25 years plus of solar panel life. The ony home appliance that makes energy and money for you, that runs the rest of your electrical needs and can even fuel your electric car. ( when you buy or lease one).
Cheryl May 26, 2014 at 05:35 PM
Low cost senior housing is great, but as posters pointed out, there are other areas where they canRead Moreb uild. It's their land, but I hope they listen to the dissent and build elsewhere. I love the open land, and I'll miss seeing the goats that are there from time to time.
Edward May 27, 2014 at 05:53 PM
When Union City and Fremont decided to not build on the State Highway right of way for Highway 84, Read MoreIt has a lot of land available to do something with. If you could get the City to Swap that land for the Mission Blvd. property and zone the property east of mission Blvd as a Park, then both the Masonic home Residents and the people, who want to save the land from development, would win. The land runs from Mission Boulevard all the way to the 880 - Decoto interchange, across Alvarado Niles Road, Paseo Padre parkway, Fremont Boulevard and is 220 feet wide or more in some places. It is closer to BART, shopping and already has development near it. The State already gave both Cities the right to dispose of the land in any way they see fit and some have proposed parks, trails, Single family homes or even a smaller cross town road. The Cross town road was approved but there was no funding and it would end at Paseo Padre Parkway anyway.
Union City Resident June 05, 2014 at 05:33 AM
The voters made it crystal clear that there was to be no development and that also included theRead Moreflat lands along Mission blvd owned by the Masonic Home. There are other owners in the flatlands and they can not build either per the vote and unless there is a new vote, nobody can change this. They particularly did not want development that would be seen. It will ruin the entry to Union City if they cram it up now. I know what I am talking about. I am Alice Arce, the Councilmember that worked on this issue when the vote was initially taken and my perspective is firm. It was clear and can not be changed without another vote of the PEOPLE. Wow the pressure on the city council now. It will be interesting to see how they vote and if they got any donations from the Masonic Home folks?? Sure am missing Union City politics.
Edward June 13, 2014 at 01:25 AM
The Alameda County Water district will be charging a surcharge to businesses and commercialRead Moreproperti es of 46 cents per unit (748 gallons of water is one unit of 100 Cubic Feet) of water used, but, they will charge homeowners a surcharge of $1.48 for every unit over 15 units every 2 months, or 7.5 units a month, up to 30 units. Homeowners that go over the 30 units every Two month billing will be charged a surcharge $2.00 per unit for every unit above 30 no matter how big the family or how large the yard. A public hearing will be held on July 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM and if you thing this is unfair, check out their web site and fill in a protest form and/or show up for the meeting. We are all in this drought together and everybody should pay the same surcharge rate. Homeowners should not pay more than commercial properties and only wasters of water should have to pay the $2.00 sur charge, not homeowners who use their water wisely. Comercial properties have no penalty rates, for letting their water run down the street but homeowners can be cited, fined and jailed under the ACWD ordinance.
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